New Year’s Eve 2015


New York City’s Premier Club and Lounge serving 5 star food, 5 star drinks and the best sound system in NYC! At its new location on East 32nd Street between Park and Madison. Created by owners Steve Walter and Chris Noth aka Mr. Big (Sex and the City, Law & Order, The Good Wife), the Cutting Room continues the tradition of extraordinary performances and special moments, with a fresh new take on what a club & lounge should feel like. The Cutting Room’s spacious, unpretentious front bar-lounge has all the classiness of a private club from yesteryear, while the adjoining music venue adds a splash of rough-around-the-edges sass. Up front, brass chandeliers dangle from vaulted ceilings. The long, dark mahogany bar, velvet curtains and leather couches set the mood with decked-out fashionistas. Oversized art adorning the walls spans the centuries from Renaissance to modern. Convenient to the midtown area, this spot has a distinctive rock star feel, but wholly elegant.

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